Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pink, Pink, and Pink

Monday was a very exciting day in our house!! We have been guessing and trying to figure out whether our new baby would be a sweet girl, or a rough and tumble boy. The appointment was at 1, so we let Aby go to school just long enough to be counted present then we took her out for the rest of the day. Being the natural student she is, she was a little concerned about missing school, but she soon decided she didn't care. We rode to Temple and on the way they both fell asleep. Keep in mind this is about 10:30 in the morning. They were either tired from the crazy weekend, or so exhausted with anticipation =)

We went and ate lunch at McAlisters Deli. I find it rather ironic the connection we have with this restaurant. Chris and I ate there when we found out Aby was a girl, and we decided on her name there the same day. We also ate there before each childbirth class that we went to. That was only like 2, but still!!! For McKinley we were discussing what we would name her there. I remember Chris thinking that people would see her name and not know if it were a boy or girl name. So we wrote it on a napkin and asked a waitress walking by to tell us which one she thought it was. She said girl ;) So then for this baby we eat there and sat at the same table of when we found out Aby was a girl. Why I can remember that from 7 years ago and not what I ate for breakfast this morning is beyond me!! Today was fun because as we were sitting there in walked Nana and all her friends. So, the girls got to "eat" with her too.

After we ate we went to the appointment. The girls were bouncing off the walls and had to be told numerous times to calm down. Luckily the waiting room wasn't very crowded. It was fun to watch Aby's face as we watched this little one on the screen. Aby's class learned about skeletons around Halloween, so it was kinda fun for her to get to see the backbone and ribs, toes and feet on the screen. Lil' Pea was not very cooperative. Curled up in a ball and didn't want to move. We didn't get a profile picture at all. We ended up with a heart pic, foot pic, and GIRL parts picture!!!

That's right we are having a 3rd precious little girl. Lil' Pea is now Miss Pea. We are so excited. Aby had been wanting a brother all along, but she didn't miss a beat in saying she was excited about a sister.

The afternoon was rather hard. We went to my parents house and of course couldn't tell them anything because we were having Chris' parents and sister over for supper to tell them then. We speaker phoned in my brother and Carrie. We ended up watching Tangled and then Chris took the girls down to the river to take pictures. Finally everyone else got there. We had bought a giant Easter egg and filled it with a little moss and a bright pink butterfly hair clip. We had my mom and Jackie sit on the couch together and then Aby gave them the egg to open together. It was fun to watch their expressions. Everyone was very excited. Then the name game started. We have had our boy name picked out since before Aby, and we had a list of lots of names for girls with about 4 as top runners. We didn't share them though =)

That night when all was said and done Chris and I finally had a chance to reflect on the day. He felt like he needed to tell me that he really was very excited about another girl. I of course knew this. And I wanted to tell him that I completely believe that there will not be a more adored Father then he will be with these three little girls. There is just something about the father/daughter relationship that is so extremely special. And lucky Chris gets that three times over. He immediately wanted to start talking names, which he's not ever done before. It's always been me saying "I need a name soon!!!" He's always said "We have 5 more months, do we have to decide right now!" =) So, it was fun to sit and chat about names.

I am greatly anticipating getting to meet this little princess. And to know that she will be the perfect completion to our family. God obviously knows the plan for our family and He must have an awesome plan for this little baby as well. I can't wait to see how it unfolds.

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