Sunday, April 3, 2011

Campfires, Hayrides & Cowpokes

I Love Texas Because Texas is Future-Oriented, Because Texans Think Anything Is Possible. Texans Think Big!!

- Senator Phil Graham

A few weeks ago at Aby's school it was Texas week. All week long the kids learned everything about Texas and how the Cowboys worked the land. On Friday Mrs H. put together a Texas extravaganza for Aby's class.

All week long Aby told me about how Mr. H is a REAL cowboy. So, of course he would make an appearance. A campfire was set up with a big pot where he cooked biscuits for the kids to try.

They each had a chance to brand a piece of wood.
Aby and her "Friend", Eli.

(I'm keeping this one for possible future use.

They are just so cute!!)

Giddy-up Cowgirl!

Of course a Cowgirl needs some grub. What else would they eat but Texas shaped cookies loaded with icing and sprinkles.

(Notice the green blob on the kid's plate next to hers. That is a blob of sprinkles)

Each kid had a chance to try their hand at roping some cattle.

And she lassos a horn.

Texas Day would not be complete without a hayride.

Mac REALLY enjoyed this part.

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  1. So cute. I love that Texans teach such a pride and ownership of their state right from the beginning. My boys are pretty crazy about Texas!! (and so are we) :-)