Thursday, April 14, 2011

A New Do'

A few weeks ago the girls and I had an appointment to go see Mrs. Susie! The plan was the two were going to go get their hair trimmed. Aby loves putting her hair into braids, ponytails, and pigtails. And she's been growing it out for a good while. A few months ago she told me she wanted to cut her hair as short as mine. I put her off because I didn't think that she meant it. I thought she'd regret it once she realized that she couldn't pull it all back. I knew it would be cute on her, but didn't want to listen to the whining. So, we made the deal that after she had her dance recital we would cut it however she'd like. Well the day we went she told me again that she'd really like to cut it. So we did.

Here's Mac getting her first real trim in Mrs. Susie's seat. She was a bit nervous, but did great.

Here Aby is with her new Do'. She LOVES it, and so do I. It's so much easier to fix in the morning. (That's a giant gumball in her mouth)
So, now she looks like her daddy, but with my haircut ;)