Thursday, June 30, 2011

Letter Art and a Little Organization!!

On Tuesday the girls and I were in Temple for a Dr. Appointment. I had some time to kill so we were hanging out at my mom's and she had a current Potterybarn Kids magazine. I love looking through those magazines. I don't really (ever) buy anything from there, but they have great ideas that with a little ingenuity you can copy for much cheaper. There was one particular page that had a little girls desk area photographed with these really cute shadowboxes filled with letters. I 've looked and looked for this picture online, but I can't find it. But it is the inspiration for this blog post and for what is now hanging in my back hallway.

Here recently I'm feeling the need to clean different areas of our house (I really need to do the laundry room, but I'm dreading doing it so it hasn't happened yet). But one area that is an eye sore is the hallway in the back of our house that really is the girls. All their rooms are back there and there is a lovely desk area with a computer and two chairs for a work area. Before last night it was piled high with papers and colors and all kids of books. It needed a makeover and an organizational overhaul. I decided to start with the makeover =)

The girls and I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and found all the materials that we'd need. Here they are below. The awesome thing about Hobby Lobby is they have 50% of sales all the time.

Here is what I used for this project:

1. Shadow Box-I wanted white boxes, but they were $10 more than the black and they didn't have 3 in the size I needed. So, black won out. These were back in the large frame section and were 50% off.

2. wooden letter- I've noticed that you have to really search for letters that aren't scratched. So luckily I found some that were perfect. Which for this project was great since they were staying white. These are almost always 50% off, but are normally $2 and some change.

3. Tacky Glue- You could use any type of glue, but this is what I had in my stash at home.

4. Velcro-I also had this in my stash of craft stuff

5. 12x12 Scrapbook paper- This was not on sale, but was only $0.59 so I don't think it really counts =)

Now to get started!!!! This project is sooo easy, and you've probably thought about doing it before and just didn't do it.

Take the back off the Box and spread your glue all over the back of the Scrapbook paper. Then stick it well to the backing of the box.

Then cut the velcro into strips that are the same size.
The size of these will depend on which letter you are using.

Here is the velcro stuck to the back of the letter. It doesn't matter if you use the rough or smooth side on the letter. But go ahead and leave both sides stuck together.

When you take off the backing on the velcro, line the letter up in the middle of the paper and push it down really hard so that it doesn't move around.

The last step is putting the letter into the frame box and closing up the back.

VIOLA you are finished with your custom Letter Box.

This project was soooo easy and relatively cheap since everything was on sale and I already had some other materials.

I wanted my letters to be crisp and clean white, but you could take it a step further and use paint, fabric, or embellishments to your hearts content. These would look super cute coupled with pictures of your kiddos. Or you could make it more adult like and put wedding photos coupled with your last name initial.

So, I should've taken a before picture of our girls' hallway, but I didn't think about it. But here is the after. There is a space right in the middle of the wall that will house a frame I already have that says Sisters on it. So, once we get a picture of all 3 girls, then it'll hang there.

I found the heart boxes at Target in the kids bedding aisle. Not really sure why I didn't get 3 of each. So I'll be going back to get another set. These were also on sale this week.

The lights are also new. There was just a single lamp there, but these were cheap and I decided they gave off more light.

Here is a close up of the boxes. I had large scrapbook letter stickers. So, I put each girls' initial on a box. The small boxes also have a lowercase inital on them. Now each girl can place whatever treasure she'd like in her own box. Right now each one only has a set of watercolor paints in them. I like these because you can see what is in them, but the junk is somewhat masked by the hearts. And they matched the color scheme perfectly.

This area of our house had tons of potential. But it always gets junked up with papers, and is a landing place for toys that the girls don't want to walk another 2 steps to put in their rooms. On the wall by the computer is their clock. I found a super cute one that matches at Hobby Lobby, but I need to wait just a bit to get it. And on the other side by Aby's inital is the chore chart. This is something that we really need to start implementing, but it was just covered up by all the junk. So, here's to hoping they will help keep it picked up since all their things now have a place.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shock and Awe

Today I hit the 28 week mark of this pregnancy. I am officially in the 3rd trimester and am on the downhill slope. Because I haven't made it to full term yet, it is a real possibility that I won't make it full term. (even though the weekly shots will hopefully get me to 37 weeks) When my notification on my phone popped up to alert me of my week change, I was a little caught off guard when it blared 3rd Trimester. When I had Aby I was at 34 weeks. That is only 6 weeks from now. When I had Mac, I was almost 37 weeks, which is 9 weeks from now. Regardless of when Caedy's birthday will be (full term or not) it is not a very long time from now.

So, because of this "revelation" today, it made me reflect on the birth of Abyigayle and McKinley. Specifically the first few precious hours of just holding our miracles. How after those first few hours when the craziness has died down, and the baby has been passed around, you get the opportunity to sit and just look at the baby. You just check out each wrinkly toe and finger, look over the little ears, and try and guess who they look most like.

Here I am really holding Aby and McKinley for the first time.



Oh how I can't wait to see what Lil' Miss Caedance looks like, and to have one last picture like these to add to our albums!!!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

91 more days, or 27 Weeks

(Unfortunately I didn't have my handy little picture taker around, so I had to take my own picture)

This week I started my 27th week. It's very hard to believe that soon I'll be moving into my last trimester. As of now Caedance is 2 lbs and about the size of a cauliflower. This past Tuesday I had a dr. appointment. It was good to hear her heartbeat and find out that I'm measuring right on track. These past few weeks haven't been a piece of cake. I'm not sleeping well, and find it very difficult to even get into a comfortable position. My appetite is also not very good. I'm not sure if it's the heat or what, but I'm just not hungry. Luckily Dr. Spears says that my weight gain is ok, so that if I don't feel like eating it's not going to hurt anything. That's hard cause I still have to feed my family. Luckily smoothies always sound good and so does yogurt. Although I'm pretty sure that Chris couldn't live off either of those things =) The heartburn has been horrid. I'm sure that will only get worse as well.

My shots are going well. My mom has had to step in and help out in this area as Lisa has been out of town a few times. I am very thankful that she does. While I was at my appointment on Tuesday Dr. Spears went ahead and checked to make sure I hadn't started dilating. Thankfully I haven't!!! So hopefully these weekly shots are going to work. I was around the 30ish week when I found out I was 3 cm dilated with McKinley. Now, I know you can walk around dilated for weeks, but there is nothing more nerve wracking then wondering if you are dilating more during daily activities. So, I was quite relieved. This next week I get to do the glucose test!! That will be super fun. I think it's funny how things change so quickly. Just a short time ago when I was pregnant with Mac I had to fast before this test, and now they say you don't. I also have moved into appointments every 2 weeks. This makes me a little anxious and excited. I just can't believe we are getting so close to the end.

This week in particular has been rough. I have been extremely tired and hot. I've napped everyday with Mac while Aby has been at camp. I know there is nothing wrong with this. I need my sleep, especially if I'm not getting it at night. But I feel very unproductive. I hate that feeling. I'm hoping that it's a short term thing and I'll get over it. Wishful thinking I'm sure, especially the closer we get to the end ;) We've spent some time hanging out in the pool too. I'm sure that we'll be doing that this weekend as well!!!

I'm also just about finished with her nursery. (that will be a separate post) I feel in need to get it finished. I have just a few things to finish as far as decor is concerned and then it'll be ready for move in day. I have had a lot of fun going through all the girls' old baby clothes and items. And of course she'll get a few new things for herself.

I'm always amazed and a little creeped out by all the movement going on in my belly. She of course is quite busy right when I lay down at night. I'm trying to really enjoy this part knowing I will never have this feeling again. It really makes me wonder what in the world she is doing. And I'm just dying to know what she looks like. The girls are still really intrigued with my ever growing belly. McKinley in particular loves to lay her head on it and talk to Caedy. I think it's quite sweet. They both are also very in tune with how I'm feeling, and if I need help with something they are very good about doing whatever they can. I'm certain this behavior will continue once Caedance is born. I'm very certain I'll have more help than I can handle.

Aby's Kindergarten Graduation

Kindergarten Graduation was certainly a big deal in our house this year. Aby was excited and very sad about this final ceremony of the year. She was excited about moving on to 1st grade, but VERY upset to be leaving Mrs. Hale. I thought we might have a few tears during the ceremony, and there were just not from her =)

They started off the ceremony by singing several songs. The second song was so sweet and the water works started. It's a good thing we recorded it cause I didn't even hear any of the words. Miss Mac checking out the festivities.

Here all the Kinders are singing their hearts out!

Mrs. Hale giving Aby her diploma.

One last pic of all the kiddos in Aby's class.

Such a bea-u-ti-ful smile!!!

Two proud Grandmas

Aby and two of her best buds

Aby could not have been put in a better class. I prayed and fretted about whose class she would be in, and just hoped that her introduction to school would be wonderful. God answered my prayers 100 fold. We were blessed to have spent the last nine months with Mrs. Hale. She is one of those teachers that you remember you whole entire life. She is that impactful. And Village Elementary is super lucky to have her on staff.

Aby had a wonderful Kindergarten year, and we are looking forward to what 1st grade will hold.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Our Movie Star

Beware- This post is chocked full of pictures

Aby has been dancing since she was 18 months old. She started out "dancing" in a Mommy and Me class in Temple dancing for Lisa's Dance Studio. The class did a bean bag routine on stage and she was forever bitten by the dancing bug. This is Aby's 3rd year to dance at the Performing Arts Studio here in Georgetown and her 5th dance recital including the 2 while in Temple. This year was the Performing Arts Studio's 25 year. The recital was phenomenal. Aby was in the K-1 class for ballet and tap. They did a tap routine about becoming a movie star. Here are some pictures from her recital.

Getting all dolled up.

One of the best parts of recital day is receiving flowers. This year we decided it was easier to just give them to her before she left the house.

Striking a Pose

Me and my girls. Hard to believe next recital Mac will be in her costume too and Caedance will be tagging along.

Aby and her cuz Deanna

This was one of Aby's favorite dances. It's a hard knock life.

This was my absolute FAVORITE older girl routine. This is only portion of the girls dancing to the song Black Bird. They did a tap routine that was A-MAZ-ING. And their costume was so fun.

This is one of the little girls that Aby started dancing with 3 years ago.

And the dancing begins.

Here they are all together. They did a fabulous job!!! So proud of all of them.

I am very much looking forward to watching all of them dance next year!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

3rd Annual Trip

Well, I have a lot of blogging I need to catch up on. (Mainly end of the year activities) But I have a few minutes to catch up on what I was up to this weekend. For the past few years I've gone away for a weekend with some wonderful friends of mine. I have come to very much enjoy and look forward to these weekends. Three years ago we went and hung out in San Antonio, last year we went to Rockwall hung out by the pool and then saw Wicked. This year we wanted to have no itinerary and decided the best place to do that would be the beach. So we made plans to head down to Galveston.

This past Thursday Chris loaded the girls in the car and took them to San Angelo for the weekend. Our niece was celebrating her 3rd birthday, so they had a blast there partying on the lake. This meant I had a whole Friday to do as I pleased. I did some running around, then met Brittany at our favorite salon to get a pedicure. Once Brittany was finished with teaching her aerobics class that evening we were off. These weekends usually consist of lots of talking, laughter and FOOD! This weekend was no different. Saturday morning we got up to eat breakfast and then headed to the beach. We hung out there for most of the morning. The weather was BEAUTIFUL!!! It wasn't too hot and there was a really nice breeze. Brittany mostly laid in the sun (cringe), Lisa joined her but also did some boogie boarding, and then I mostly hung out under the umbrella and worked on an embroidery project for Caedance's room. Lisa was out boogie boarding and then came back saying she saw 3 black fins in the water so she got out cause she couldn't tell what they belonged to. We ended up walking to a pier and as we were doing this noticed most everyone in the water looking out away from the beach. They too saw the 3 fins which actually turned into a pod of dolphins. We didn't get a picture of them because they were too quick, but it was so fun to sit and watch them playing for a bit. We ended up at a very yummy Mexican restaurant where we stayed for a very long time chatting. After that we headed back to the hotel to wash off the sand and head to see what we could find. We found a fun little ice/custard stand called Ritas. Again, we hung out there for quite awhile watching people come and go along the sea wall. We were there well past 6:30 and decided it was time for something a little more substantial, so we headed to Landry's. We dined outside listening to live music and watching the ocean waves. The next morning we got up and headed out. We stopped for lunch at this nice cafe downtown Brennam called Must Be Heaven. And it certainly was!!! This place is worth looking up and dialing into the GPS!

I so much enjoy these fast paced weekends. I am excited to see what next year will hold.

Hanging out on the beach

Lisa catching a few waves. This was before she was spooked by the fins.

Dining at Landry's.

These desserts were to die for!!! Lisa got the coconut pie (left), I got chocolate, and then Brittany got the homemade bread pudding. We all needed to go boxes.