Friday, April 15, 2011

4 Pink Earrings

A few weeks ago I was changing out Aby's earrings and McKinley was watching. When we were finished she asked me if she could wear some earrings. I told her that she had to get her ears pierced first. That Aby's earrings are not stickers. She immediately told me that she wanted her ears pierced. I just let it go, because obviously she didn't have any clue as to what that really means. At the beginning of this week she asked again if she could have earrings and I brushed it off. Then this morning she was looking through my jewelry box and found the drawer that has all of Aby's earrings. She told me again she wanted earrings. So, I had mentioned this to my friend Lisa and she said she wanted to get Addison's ears pierced. So, we planned on doing it tonight. We brought Aby along for some encouragement. Aby was very into encouraging the girls, and then got sidetracked by all the pretty things in the Claire's store. Who can blame her though?

We let the girls look through all the earrings, and they both chose sparkly pink studs.

Here Mac is waiting to get started.

Getting her ear all cleanAfter finding the perfect placement.

This is Talia! She was wonderful and VERY picky about the placement of the dot. Of course I was grateful for this. We certainly do not want crooked earrings.
Here they are telling her to keep her hand in her lap and then to look straight ahead. It was kind of comical. They each got on a side and counted off!
It took her a minute to register what had happened. I of course couldn't (wouldn't) get a picture of her crying. It lasted for about two minutes. Talia put the special water on her ears to cool them off. This seemed to "help".

Here is the end result. She was very excited when she saw them in the mirror.

Then she got to pick out a sucker.
Then it was Addison's turn. We ended up separating them. Lisa took Addie window shopping while Mac had her turn. Luckily there was a Build A Bear right across the hall. Unfortunately they walked out at the wrong time, right when Mac started crying. =)


Both girls really did a great job. Thankfully the tears didn't last too long. Especially when it involved getting a sucker. They also both really enjoyed getting to show off their ears to their Daddies. This is just one more adventure the two buddies get to share together.


  1. How exciting! Also, good idea with piercing both ears at the same time. :-0