Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Things I Like!

I have been looking back through old pictures here recently and it made me think about things that are near and dear to my heart. So, the following are a few of my favorite things.


Kids Area at the Georgetown Christmas Stroll.


No explanation needed!!!!

Christmas by the Fireside

A work in progress

Tattoo Parlors

Happy Customers

Funky, colorful trims

Little girls in pigtails

Miss Merry Mac!!!

I have several new blogs to write, and they mostly will be about the happenings in Aby's life right now. So, I decided I would share a little about Mac. It's been really neat to have her all to myself. She has not had the opportunity to have me all to herself. And it's been nice to get to know just McKinley. Our days consist of a lot of book reading, and pushing strollers around. It's also been nice here recently for her to get to hang out with a few little friends as well. She also has blossomed in her talking. I knew she could talk, but I am really convinced she didn't have a chance, or she felt she didn't need to. Aby is really good at taking care of Mac's needs. But now she HAS to talk to me when it's just us. Therefore, her vocabulary has increased tremendously since Aby started school. It's like she woke up the next morning talking in complete sentences. So, that's nice too. She is in the beginning's of my favorite stage. I know toddlers are hard sometimes, but this is when I really start enjoying children. When they are just starting to be independent, and really excited about life and learning new things. Here are a few pictures of my Merry Mac from the last few months.

McKinley has really observed how her Nana drinks her drink. Her Nana wraps her cup in a napkin!

Here she is with one of her favorite activities.

Nothing like a picnic in the living room while watching Mickey Mouse!

Besides her stroller packed with her goodies, these are her most prized possession.

We spend time together in the mornings putting on makeup and fixing our hair

When we first found out that we were having another girl I was a little nervous. I didn't have a sister, so I don't know how that relationship even works. But now I couldn't imagine our lives any other way. We are truly blessed!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Little Monkey's first day

Our little Monkey had her first day of "school" today. Last week we went and met her teacher. She had a ball playing with all the toys in the room. Aby loved showing her around her old school. I wasn't quite sure how today would go. Mac is very much needing to have her own time to play with friends away from me. So, I was hoping it would go smoothly. If not it was going to be difficult for me to leave her.
When she woke up this morning she was almost giddy. I thought it was funny how much Aby played up her going to "school". Mac kept walking around saying "Go skoo?" I had to tell her over and over it wasn't time to go.

Here is all her gear. She was very excited about her backpack when we were packing it up last night. She also really likes her princess lunchbox.
Little Monkey trying to walk out the door!

Had to get the first day of school picture on the porch. Look at that sweet sweet smile. =)

Ok! Ok!! Here's the REAL shot I got before the picture above.
Anyone walking by our house this morning would've thought she was DYING she was crying so hard. I am not really sure what the problem was. I am thinking that she was all dressed, bags were ready, and she wanted to leave, NOT take a picture. So, what do I do? Take her picture anyway. =) I know "Mother of the Year"! Needless to say she is not my camera happy child, and I have LOTS of pictures of her looking just like this. She will "love" it someday.
As soon as I told her we were leaving she quit crying.

Here she is running ahead of me. I am so glad she was still so excited.

Once we got to the classroom we located her tub with her name on it for her bags. She again had a melt down. I was getting pity looks from other parents. I wanted to say, "She's not sad about me leaving!! She's sad because she has to part with her bags!!" She then calmed down after I showed her her name on the tub and told her it was her own tub. We go inside with her nap mat and give it to the teacher. Again she gets upset because she thinks the teacher is taking her mat. Can you say possessive??

Finally I get her distracted with toys.
I hung around to get just a few snap shots.

Her teacher said she had a great day. She came home with two art projects and very sleepy. Apparently she didn't take a nap. And started crying when they told her to lay down =) All in all it was a good day for both Monkey and Mommy.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Star Student and other weekly "Fun-ness"

So, this past week was rather interesting. It started off with a 3 day weekend. Now, as a teacher I totally loved 3 day weekends, but now that I'm not I kinda don't. Aby acted like she was dying all day long =) She was bored out of her mind. Luckily we had a project we needed to do. So, we loaded up in the car, and ran to a place that gets waaay too much of my money, Hobby Lobby. We picked up a few essentials and then headed back home.

So, do you know what you get with a poster board, pictures, fun girly stickers, and a glue stick? You get a Star of the Week poster. Yes sir ri (re??) !!! Aby was this weeks Star of the Week. She was quite excited. Being the star of the week means you get to bring your favorite snack for the class (Aby took popcorn), bring to school something to show off everyday, and she also put together a poster with 10 of her most favorite pictures.

Here are all of her goodies.

Working hard to get the letter stickers just so.

Yes I'm taking another picture =)

Here's pint size with her masterpiece!
So, Aby did get a bit jipped with this being her special week. She didn't have school on Monday for Labor Day, then didn't have school on Wednesday for all the flooding (She was so upset about this and didn't understand why she couldn't go to school when she can see it from our kitchen). However, it ended with a special treat on Friday. These past few weeks they have been learning Nursery Rhymes. So on Friday they had a Nursery Rhyme parade. Each kid got to dress up as a character and walk the halls for the other grades. Aby was very excited about this. She happened to receive a Little Bo Peep costume from my brother and sis-in-law for Christmas, so that's what she wanted to be.

Here she is all dolled up. And I'm very certain that LBP lost her sheep because she was dazzled and distracted by her super cute twinkle toe shoes.

With her buddy E.

Check out the super cute Hickory Dickory Dock Clock.

There is our Little Bo Peep

This is a class shot! I LOVE how none of them know where to look!

Here are all the Little Bo Peeps or Mary's with their little lambs.

Aby with her buddy Rapunzel

Two Little Bo Peeps

Aby and her teacher, who was dressed as Little Miss Muffett (whom Aby calls Little Miss Muffin)
This was such a fun day. We are looking forward to the Halloween Parade!!