Monday, July 18, 2011

Terriffic Threes!!

I cannot believe that I am writing another birthday blog for McKinley. It has been one quick year. This little girl is definitely a joy to have and to be around. She lights up a room with her fun personality. She is just happy to be wherever she is. McKinley does take a little bit to warm up to situations, but once she is confident she bounces all over the place. McKinley loves books and babies. She will spend long periods of time pulling books off her shelf and "reading" to herself. She also likes to retell a story to me by looking at the pictures. Her prized possessions are her baby dolls. She likes taking them with her everywhere. She enjoys pretending to take them to the doctor or putting them to bed. Her most favorite person is Abigayle. She adores her!!

Here are a few pictures that tell of her last year.

Hamming it up during our family pictures.

First Day of School

Decorating her pumpkin for Halloween.

Getting her Whoo Hair done.

Our resident Copy Cat!

Being adventurous with Daddy.

Enjoying beautiful Bluebonnets.

Being silly with best bud A.

Being Coy

Little Fashionista

Cosmetologist in training??

Being bashful with Bryn

Goofing off

More silliness during School pictures

My sweet McKinley!!! Your personality has really blossomed this last year. You were a girl of few words, and once your sister went to kindergarten you decided you either had to talk for yourself, or could finally get a word in. You were a joy to potty train. Once you were ready it was so easy and it was quickly mastered. You love playing with friends and are also perfectly content playing by yourself. You are a small girl in statue but have a giant personality. You are a girl who loves routine, especially at bedtime. You love reading books and saying prayers each night. You also think it's hilarious when you get into a fit of giggles. You've turned into quite the little shopper. You like going from store to store doing some major shopping. We love you dearly and thank God for you every day. I look forward to see how He continues to grow you into a Godly young lady.


  1. Happy birthday sweet girl!!!

  2. Great post. Happy Birthday, McKinley!!