Friday, July 8, 2011

Independence and a lota fun!

We had a crazy-wonderful 4th of July this year. We started the morning off by heading down to Kerby Lane Cafe. We've never been there, and we had no idea what we were treating ourselves to! I can't believe that we've lived so close to this restaurant and have never been. We will definitely be going back in the near future =) Aby even said we needed to go back for regular food =)

Aby tried out their plain pancakes while Mac tried their Chocolate Chip. They both walked away with full bellies. I had the Lemon Poppy Seed pancakes that were to die for, and Chris tried a Mexican plate piled high with Migas and pancakes. None of us walked away with any excuse to not be full.

After a trip to REI and naps for everyone we headed over to our friends, the Phillips, House. They are the best party throwers. You never know if something will be blown up or caught on fire. We had no idea what type of entertainment we were in for =)

A water slide was rented for the kids, a kiddie pool was available, there was a giant sand pit and a trampoline and swing set. Of course the water slide was high jacked by adult men.

Here some of us are braving the heat and hanging out.

At one point a large portion of the kiddos wound up in the sand pit. They are of course also covered in water and mud. But they were having a ball.

Then the real entertainment began. The men decided to empty the kiddie pool and use it as a "sled" to go down the water slide. Now, these are not small men, and they all tried fitting in the "sled". How do you think this turned out?????

Is this what you thought???

Looks a little painful. But don't be mistaken. They were very proud of themselves and yes huddled around to watch the video =)

In the past we've made our way to Temple to watch fireworks with family. This year not many places were holding fireworks because of the drought. Georgetown did have some, but we knew it would be super crowded. So, we just decided to skip them this year. We could hear the booming from the house, but unfortunately couldn't see them. Chris did remember we had some leftover sparklers and he and the girls waved those around.

(if you are curious as to why Mac only has pj pants on it's because she informed us that she was going to sleep like Daddy sleeps that night =) Who knows where kids come up with the stuff they do!!!)

We definitely had a wonderful time hanging out together and with friends. I know Chris and I are super appreciative of all families who sacrifice and who have loved ones that sacrifice for us so that we can celebrate on days like this one. We are especially proud to be close friends with and to live life with several of these families.

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  1. I can't believe you've never been to Kerby Lane! We used to go all the time in college during finals week! Love it!