Sunday, June 12, 2011

3rd Annual Trip

Well, I have a lot of blogging I need to catch up on. (Mainly end of the year activities) But I have a few minutes to catch up on what I was up to this weekend. For the past few years I've gone away for a weekend with some wonderful friends of mine. I have come to very much enjoy and look forward to these weekends. Three years ago we went and hung out in San Antonio, last year we went to Rockwall hung out by the pool and then saw Wicked. This year we wanted to have no itinerary and decided the best place to do that would be the beach. So we made plans to head down to Galveston.

This past Thursday Chris loaded the girls in the car and took them to San Angelo for the weekend. Our niece was celebrating her 3rd birthday, so they had a blast there partying on the lake. This meant I had a whole Friday to do as I pleased. I did some running around, then met Brittany at our favorite salon to get a pedicure. Once Brittany was finished with teaching her aerobics class that evening we were off. These weekends usually consist of lots of talking, laughter and FOOD! This weekend was no different. Saturday morning we got up to eat breakfast and then headed to the beach. We hung out there for most of the morning. The weather was BEAUTIFUL!!! It wasn't too hot and there was a really nice breeze. Brittany mostly laid in the sun (cringe), Lisa joined her but also did some boogie boarding, and then I mostly hung out under the umbrella and worked on an embroidery project for Caedance's room. Lisa was out boogie boarding and then came back saying she saw 3 black fins in the water so she got out cause she couldn't tell what they belonged to. We ended up walking to a pier and as we were doing this noticed most everyone in the water looking out away from the beach. They too saw the 3 fins which actually turned into a pod of dolphins. We didn't get a picture of them because they were too quick, but it was so fun to sit and watch them playing for a bit. We ended up at a very yummy Mexican restaurant where we stayed for a very long time chatting. After that we headed back to the hotel to wash off the sand and head to see what we could find. We found a fun little ice/custard stand called Ritas. Again, we hung out there for quite awhile watching people come and go along the sea wall. We were there well past 6:30 and decided it was time for something a little more substantial, so we headed to Landry's. We dined outside listening to live music and watching the ocean waves. The next morning we got up and headed out. We stopped for lunch at this nice cafe downtown Brennam called Must Be Heaven. And it certainly was!!! This place is worth looking up and dialing into the GPS!

I so much enjoy these fast paced weekends. I am excited to see what next year will hold.

Hanging out on the beach

Lisa catching a few waves. This was before she was spooked by the fins.

Dining at Landry's.

These desserts were to die for!!! Lisa got the coconut pie (left), I got chocolate, and then Brittany got the homemade bread pudding. We all needed to go boxes.

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