Wednesday, May 11, 2011

127 more days, or 21 weeks

A lot has been going on since the last pregnancy post. As of now Caedance is almost a pound and is about the size of a banana. She is moving around quite a bit, and Chris has finally been able to feel her moving as well. When I finally lay down to rest the girls are already in bed, so they haven't been able to feel her yet.

The first time that I saw Dr. Spears we discussed any ways that could help prolong my pregnancy to ensure that I make it to full term. She suggested that at 16 weeks we start weekly progesterone shots. They are taken through the 36th week. Although she did say since they last in your body a full week that we could do through the 37th week so it would take me to the 38th week. At first I was a little nervous about it, but we did research and decided that we'd go ahead with it. Fortunately my mom taught my good friend Lisa how to give me the shots, so weekly she plays my nurse. And I must add she does a wonderful job. So, hopefully these will work and I for once will have a full term baby.

This past week was kind of rough. Starting last Wednesday I started seeing spots out of my right eye. I started monitoring my blood pressure more closely. It was slowly creeping higher and higher. I've also had some headaches that luckily I can take Tylenol and keep it dull enough to get through the days activities. This past Tuesday I had an appointment and luckily we found there was no protein being spilled into my urine. So I was VERY relieved with that. I am going to start cutting back on my activity levels as well to hopefully help with the blood pressure. Luckily school is almost over for the summer, so that will help too once we aren't on such a tight schedule.

I did get some great news. At our ultrasound appointment Caedy was not very cooperative, so we get to go back and get new pictures of her. So next Wednesday we get to see her again. Dr. Spears told us that she looks perfectly healthy, they just like to have two different views of the spine and she wouldn't move around enough for them to get a proper picture.

At 21 weeks I'm starting to feel really pregnant =) I know that sounds funny. Things are starting to be a little more difficult. Like picking things up off the floor, or cleaning bath tubs, or getting out of bed in the morning. It's also nice to have two little ones who can help me a lot more around the house.

This post I have included a friend of mine in the pregnant picture. She is such a sweet friend of mine and I'm so glad to have gone through a pregnancy with her. She is actually about 10 weeks ahead, so she doesn't have much longer. And she is also having a Little girl, so Caedance will have an instant playmate.


  1. Love the picture of you and Angela. :-) I'm glad you're taking it easy right now. I'm sure it's frustrating to cut back on things, but it will be so worth it in the end, and will make it easier to safely grow this precious little baby. Definitely a good idea.

  2. two beautiful girls inside and out.