Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shock and Awe

Today I hit the 28 week mark of this pregnancy. I am officially in the 3rd trimester and am on the downhill slope. Because I haven't made it to full term yet, it is a real possibility that I won't make it full term. (even though the weekly shots will hopefully get me to 37 weeks) When my notification on my phone popped up to alert me of my week change, I was a little caught off guard when it blared 3rd Trimester. When I had Aby I was at 34 weeks. That is only 6 weeks from now. When I had Mac, I was almost 37 weeks, which is 9 weeks from now. Regardless of when Caedy's birthday will be (full term or not) it is not a very long time from now.

So, because of this "revelation" today, it made me reflect on the birth of Abyigayle and McKinley. Specifically the first few precious hours of just holding our miracles. How after those first few hours when the craziness has died down, and the baby has been passed around, you get the opportunity to sit and just look at the baby. You just check out each wrinkly toe and finger, look over the little ears, and try and guess who they look most like.

Here I am really holding Aby and McKinley for the first time.



Oh how I can't wait to see what Lil' Miss Caedance looks like, and to have one last picture like these to add to our albums!!!!!

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