Friday, January 21, 2011

Six and Sensational

We found out we were pregnant in July of 2004 with our most precious Abigayle Elisabeth. Her name means the Father's Joy. And boy does she live up to that on MANY levels. My pregnancy was really good with her. I didn't have any problems with morning sickness or anything until about 6 months in. I started having some high blood pressure. It wasn't too bad just needed to be watched closely. Then on the day after Martin Luther King Day (2005) I woke up bleeding. I just knew it was a mistake and would stop, so I went to school ready to teach anyway. Luckily I was surrounded by smart people who urged me to be checked out. =) Good thing I did I had started dilating and my blood pressure was scary high. I was immediately admitted and put on bed rest. They ended up giving me magnesium to stop contractions. (that stuff is so nasty and burns like fire going in through the IV). I hung out in the hospital for the rest of the week. I was clueless as to the real repercussions of Pre-Eclampsia, and was titled the easiest patient. It's a good thing I didn't know side effects or I would've been freaking out. I went through a lot that week. I've never broken a bone or had a major surgery, but that week I endured everything from urine cultures to an EKG. It was quite the experience.

On Friday morning I was so tired and don't remember a whole lot except sleeping the morning away. By lunch time my food didn't come and the nurse was wondering why. About that time the Dr. came in saying it was time to induce. At this point they had tried to send me home (the night before) but my blood pressure was through the roof. So, everything flew into high gear. By 4:00 I was wheeled into the delivery room with a team from the NICU and my Dr and her team. By 4:30 Chris was holding our first precious baby girl.

Here she is being weighed in at a whopping 4lbs. 12 oz.

(listen ladies, just cause they are smaller doesn't mean they are any easier to push out)

Chris getting ready to show her off on as he walks her to the NICU

She was such a good car sleeper. (Still is) I love how this picture shows just how small she was. She needed two head supports in her car seat.

Here she is on Mother's Day being dedicated. In the background is one of her good buddies Brodan Elliott.

Here she is at 4 months on her first visit to South Padre Island.

She LOVED sitting out on the balcony and listening to the waves.

My oh My how quickly these 6 years have gone by. Aby has most definitely turned into a beautiful little lady. She is quick to laugh and her laugh is infectious. She is smart and loves school. Friends are very important to her. She wants to make sure that everyone feels important and cared for. She wears her heart on her sleeve and is very sensitive. This girl is definitely a dancer. She has been taking dance since she was 18 mo. She loves getting dolled up in costume and hitting the stage.

For her 6th birthday we took a family trip to Disney World instead of having a big birthday party. Our gift to her was taking her to the Bibbidi Boppity Boutique. We had a wonderful time and was certainly a great way to remember her 6th birthday.

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