Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Grettle and her Gingerbread House

Aby had a really fun Christmas Party. The main event was making a Gingerbread House. Each student sent in supplies and it was a massive amounts of sweets and icing. We set out all of the supplies for the construction and the smell of all the sugar was a little overwhelming =)

Aby was a tad tentative to get in there and get it started so I helped her get a bit messy. But it didn't take her long to figure out to cover all the icing with whatever candy she could fit. Mrs. Hale just kept saying "More candy, More Candy". She ended up doing a great job, and it was lots of fun to watch all the kiddos. Here is her finished Gingerbread Casa. Once they were finished with their house they got to play BINGO while they waited for everyone to be done. Earlier in the week the class made a Frosty pinata. Then they each had a few turns to get him open. We luckily have a few baseball players in the classroom. They finally got it open. Poor Frosty =)

Aby has had such a wonderful experience in Kindergarten. And she has definitely made some great friends.

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