Tuesday, January 11, 2011

29 going on 30

It's hard to believe that my 30th birthday has come and gone. This year I was royally treated by my sweet husband and dear friends Jenny, Brittany and Lisa. For months they cohorted together with my parents and planned a surprise party at Cathedral Oaks. Little did I know that I played right into it by giving my party planning friend, Jenny a tour of CO. And this is how they did it.

I was a bit (ok a lot) sad that we hadn't made any official plans for my birthday. None of my friends were available to do anything because they were "busy" or going out of town. You would think I'd be used to this since my birthday has been so close to Christmas my WHOLE life. Which is why we usually had my birthday party on New Years Eve. Anyway, I finally convinced Chris and Lisa and Mike to go to the Cheesecake Factory and a movie. Hindsight they were obviously appeasing me. But we did have a great time and wonderful cheesecake! Then Chris suggested that we go to Blora to see the Christmas lights. This is a bit shocking because usually I'm dragging him to the lights. And the plan was for us to swap cars with my dad (At Cathedral Oaks) so all 8 of us could right together to the lights. Then Lisa sent me a text saying they had errand's to run so they would meet us at CO. As we got there my dad sent me a text to say he wanted to show Aby some Christmas decorations so could we come inside. There was a party going on, but they wouldn't care if we came through really quickly. I thought that was weird, but blew it off. So, out we go. And as we get closer to the door it just didn't feel right. Something was off and then they opened the doors. So many people, from many parts of my life, were behind the doors. I was very surprised (and a bit embarrassed). =)

Brittany getting things ready

Lisa setting up Tables are set My Mom ordered these Gorgeous flowers!!! My favorite color
Many yummy foods from my favorite place the YE Old English Bakery
Cold Beverages, favorite being Coke
Rachel, Britt, and Mike
My Favorite Amish Friend, Faith Matt, Lee, and Lisa
One of my favorite musician/friends Alison!

Parents, family and family friends table Greatest neighbors Ever!

Gift table

My favorite "Old" Friend, Melinda =)

My Amish Friend's Husband, Greg. He's Definitely NOT Amish =)
A big thanks to Chris Clark for taking all these great pictures!!!
My favorite Party Planner Friend Jenny doing what she does best, being bossy!
Three ladies who helped make the night a HUGE success

Jenny, Brittany, and Lisa
The Big Reveal
Definitely a bit shocked, embarrassed, and speechless
Enjoying the Happy Birthday SongGetting their grub on!

Enjoying all her hard work
The Wallaces' and my Mom
Sister in Law, Leasha, Brian, The Wiseners and Emalee
One of the trouble making tables =)

You NEVER know what is going on with this crew!!!

Matt and Jonathan hanging out

Ya, not sure what is going on here! Probably posing for her close up!

Love these two!

Where would I be without these two!!
He is so wonderful!!! He did an amazing job getting all this together and keeping it a secret!!! I am one lucky girl!!!
So glad they were in Texas to be here!!! How I Love the Browns.
More of Jenny and my Awesome Neighbor, Susanne and great babysitter, Morgan

This night was full of wonderful surprises and I was feeling the love!!!

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