Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Little Pixie Dust (part2)

The next 5 days we spent spreading our time out at all the Disney parks. We started with the Magic Kingdom. This is by far my favorite park. They are in the middle of renovating a lot of it, and from all the signs we saw there will be some really neat new additions. Two of the additions will be a Beauty and the Beast Castle with a restaurant, and a Little Mermaid ride. We got there as the park opened. And they have a little show for the opening of the park. All the Classic characters along with some princesses come riding in on the train to help Mickey open the park.

The parks still had all their Christmas decor hanging. They didn't turn the lights on, but it was pretty anyway.
My absolute favorite part of the Magic Kingdom is Cindy's Castle. I love the way it looks. So, I made Chris take a million pictures =) The night time pictures are really neat because the castle changes colors. And not just one color at a time. Different parts of the castle will light up a different color.
Our first character meeting was with Anastasia, Lady Tremaine, and Drizzella, or the mean step mother and ugly step sisters of Cinderella. They were hilarious. I actually liked them the best of all the characters they met.
We had breakfast at Cinderella's castle. Last time we went we had supper and only met the Fairy God Mother. This time we got to spend some time with all the princesses. I have to say this is the way to do it. You get a nice breakfast AND don't have to wait in the long lines to meet only three princesses.

Another place the girls really enjoyed was Pixie Hollow. Mac actually enjoyed meeting the Fairies more than the Princesses.

Here is Aby with Fawn the animal fairy.

Mac was overjoyed to see Tinkerbell. This was the only character that she would go up to and hug on her own.
Aby enjoyed meeting Vidia the wind fairy, Mac enjoyed showing off her belly!

Riding Dumbo
Spinning on the teacups
For Aby's birthday present we made her an appointment at the Bibbidi Bobbity Boutique. She had her own personal Fairy Godmother to fix her hair and do her makeup. Aby was very surprised and quite excited when she figured out what was going on.

The first time she saw herself in the mirror.

We ventured into Epcot and had a great time riding a really awesome ride called Soarin. We also stayed for the night time laser show.

McKinley was very excited to meet up with Daisy. This was another character that she had no problem hugging. I thought she would do the same with Minnie, but she was more shy with her. This was very surprising to me. She loves Minnie. We also met Mary Poppins, the Beast, Alice in wonderland, and Aladdin and Jasmine here at Epcot. At Animal Kingdom we met Pluto, Goofy, Pocahontas, Jiminy Cricket, and Rafiki from Lion King.
On Friday (our last day) we went back to Magic Kingdom to finish up some rides we didn't do on Monday. That's when we met Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder. They had a time of coloring and dancing with the characters before getting in line to take pictures.

On this day Aby started running fever. We ended up cutting the day at the park short because we had reservations at Chef Mickey's that evening and wanted her to have rest. So, we went back to the hotel. We had decided no to go to the restaurant, but Aby was adamant. She didn't have Mickey's autograph or Donald Ducks. We had been saving those two for that night. She was really upset. We also had plans to ride the monorail around a few times. We ended up getting her fever down enough to go. She did enjoy herself and then crashed afterward. Despite our few bumps at the beginning and the end of the trip we had a wonderful time. As always at the end of the trip I'm looking forward to the next time we can go. Of course now with Lil' Pea on the way we'll be waiting a little while to go again, but that's ok because there will be lots of new things to explore. And it's always fun to experience Disney through the eyes of a child who has never been before.

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