Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Scavenger Hunt Fit for a King!

This Father's Day was a little bit different. I went out of town with my friends. But before you think I'm a horrid wife you must know that I was given full permission, and was ordered to have a blast. Anyway, we celebrated a little bit early. Aby and I had a hard time deciding what to get Chris (is it just me or are men extremely hard to shop for anytime of the year). So, we decided on an edible surprise. But, we couldn't just hand it over in a bag, we made him hunt for it. Now, I must give Chris some major credit. He indulged us by doing this scavenger hunt as soon as we walked in the door from hiking up Enchanted Rock. Yes, he is the best. Please be jealous!!

Here he is getting his first clue.

1. Don't be a slouch. Go check by the "couch."

2. No need to rush. Go check by a "brush."

3. This isn't a chore. Go check by the front "door."

4. This is the plan. Go check by a "fan."

5. Take a look. Go check by a "book." This one was a bit tricky. There are a million books around our house. Luckily all he had to really do was follow Aby. She led him to most every answer!! =)

6. There is hope. Go check by some "soap."

7. You are a big shot. Go check by a big "pot."

8. You don't need to think twice. Go check by some "ice."
Here he is finding his surprise.

Chris was such a great sport. He even had a little fun with Aby and occasionally finished a clue with a word that didn't make sense. She of course had a wonderful time telling him he was wrong. =) As you can see Chris, Aby, and Mac were all well fed while I was away!!! =)


  1. Love the clues...and that cake looks delicious!! :)

  2. Love it! Your (and Aby) are so creative ;)

  3. Cute! We didn't do anything for mother's day OR father's day this year. :-/