Tuesday, June 8, 2010


The Poppy Fest was really not that long ago. I had so much fun working my Sprinkles & Frosting booth. The best part of that day was getting to talk with tons of different and interesting people. I was set up next to some super sweet ladies from a company called Posh Pixie Design Co. They make the CUTEST magnet boards and other fun room decor. I got one for my office and I got one for Aby's room to put all her art on. They are really beautiful. The only problem was they only came with one magnet a piece. And of course we couldn't just buy any old magnet. So, Aby and I decided to make our own to match. Here is our adventure through DIY magnets.

Here are the Cast of Characters.

1.Mod Podge Glue or any other clear drying tacky glue.
2.Pretty Paper
3.Flat backed Glass Gems
4.A round paper punch OR scissors will work just fine.
5.Paint Brushes
6.Small round magnets which unfortunately didn't make the picture.

Here are Aby and McKinley getting started.
The Recipe is super easy. We punched the paper, and then put the glue on the pretty side of the paper. After that we glued the pretty side to the back of the glass gem (flat side). I ended up needing to put some extra glue around the edges of the paper to keep it in place. After we got the paper right where we wanted it, then we glued on the magnet using the tacky glue. Make sure you spread them out to dry. Otherwise they will try and pull towards one another. I kept checking them while they were drying to make sure it dried clear so we could see the paper design. I was a little worried at first, but they eventually dried nice and clear.

Here are our finished products and a few other in between photos.

This is my magnet board. I unfortunately have not had a chance to hang anything on it yet.

Aby's board with all her treasures.

This was a really easy project for Aby to do. It took only about an hour. They turned out simply gorgeous!! Isn't the magnet board so pretty? You can find these and other cute room decor at http://www.poshpixiedesignco.com/


  1. What a fun project! I've been meaning to make the magnet board project from Anna Maria Horner's book "Seams to Me". Now I'm newly inspired to get on that!

  2. Those boards are great and your magnets are so cute!!

  3. I want to make some of these....!