Wednesday, June 16, 2010

All things new!!

Each time that one of my kids reach a new milestone it is so bittersweet. This month has been no different for both my girls. I am still in shock with how they are, growing up right before my eyes. I can remember being little and dying to do big kid things, and now that's where my girls are. Both are becoming so independent.

This month McKinley has figured out how to open doors, caught on to how old she will be for her birthday (and loves telling you), has learned a few color words, and no longer needs her paci. For McKinley's birthday she got a big girl bed. I was nervous because she is so little. But she never batted an eye. Here she is after her Daddy finished converting her crib to her bed.

And of course Mac and Aby had to have some play time before all the bedding was put in place.

Here she is after playing hard one morning =)
It seems like yesterday that this was my little Mac! My how quickly time flies by.

Aby has also had her month of new skills. The big thing this month for Aby was learning to tie her shoes. I went to a teacher's store and found a shoe tying game. The cool thing about this game was not only did it aid with teaching shoe tying, but it also helped her with lacing skills. PRE-SEWING =)

So after she got the hang of it on her Papa's shoes, she decided she needed a pair of her own. Up until this point she hasn't had tennis shoes with laces. So off to Academy we went. I must admit that I get great joy watching these girls learn and grow, but it does still bring a tear to my eye at times!

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  1. I cant wait to see your big girl bed Kinley! And, I LOVE your new kicks Aby!! :) I will let you tie my shoes for me anytime you want! ;)