Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mothers Day

This Mothers Day was very special. I was invited to 2 tea parties. The first one was at Mac's school. We showed up and had a breakfast together.

Here we are with the special gift that McKinley made me. It was neat to get one of these picture flowers because Aby made one of these several years ago. So, now I have two =)

On Friday I was invited to a tea party at Aby's school. This was such a sweet tea party. Each mom was asked to stay in the hall and their child would come escort them in. Then they had to formally introduce us to the class. The room was beautifully decorated with flowers on the tables and a beautiful buffet table.
At my place setting was a place mat made by Aby, and then there were several little gifts set out. One was a corsage she had made, a book, and a facts sheet about me that she filled the answers in.

Here we are with my beautiful corsage.

We had breakfast of fruit, muffins, and tea and got to read through the little book about what I help Aby do. I didn't get past the first page before I had tears streaming down my face. I'm not sure what came over me. I'm NOT a crier. I tear up and can be overcome by emotion. But I don't usually bawl like a baby. But I did, and we're going to blame hormones =) After we had a tea then the kids sang a few songs for us. It was adorable. Once they were finished us moms got to play a guessing game. Each child drew a picture of their mom and we had to guess who was who. I guessed Aby's drawing because of the green eyes she used.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any sweeter she brings me a package wrapped in pink paper. In it was this beautiful painting that Aby painted for me. I'm now looking for just the perfect place to hang it.

Sunday was a very busy day. We have child dedication at church every Mother's Day. It was so sweet to watch the parents dedicate their little babies. It made me long to hold our sweet Miss Caedance, knowing that next year we will have the opportunity to do the same.
Chris and the girls surprised me with a wonderful gift of a gift card to my favorite place to have a massage. So, I'm definitely looking forward to using it!!!


  1. What a beautiful painting! And I love that you recognized your portrait by the green eyes. :)