Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tales of August

It seems as if the whole summer has been a whirl wind, but August has really flown by. We have been super busy with Dr. Appointments, play dates, preparing for school, and all the exciting construction going on at church. This post is about a few of our activities thus far in August.

Aby wanted to have some friends over for a play date. So, we invited about 4 girls over. They started out with a tea party.

Then moved onto makeup. I was actually impressed with the application of each girls makeup.

Then they moved on to dress up and a fashion show. They each had a song and dance they performed. These girls are so sweet.

We have another sweet friend whose mom knows how to put feathers in hair. We've been trying to get with her for most of the summer in order to get our feathers. It finally worked out a few weeks ago. All three of us had some put in, but Mac was asleep when I took this picture.

Chris has been working some looooooong hours these past few weeks. And because of his hard work the new addition to our church is looking amazing. We did manage to squeeze in a date night this past Saturday night. It was MUCH needed, and I really enjoyed just hanging out with him and having him all to myself (also wondering if it's the last true date night we'll have before Caedy is born). We started off the evening by going and buying him a new wedding ring. In July he somehow got poison ivy between his ring finger and middle finger. So, I told him to take his ring off, which he did, and he put it in his pocket. That was the last time we saw his wedding ring. So, the poison ivy finally healed and we went shopping. He picked out a completely different style then the original. His original compliments my ring well. It was platinum with a row of diamonds. This one is bulky and beefier looking and made out of Tungsten. He can basically beat it up and nothing will happen to it. It's a very cool ring, and while I am a tad sad about the original being lost, this new one is very Chris as well. We then went to eat dinner at a local Italian restaurant. It was wonderful to be able to complete a thought and just focus on what was going on between Chris and I. With how busy Chris has been it was more like a catch up conversation. But I enjoyed every minute of it. After supper we went to the Yogo Bowl for frozen yogurt, then off to see Planet of the Apes. I wasn't sure if I'd like this movie, but I Loved it. They made me fall in LOVE with the monkeys. I definitely recommend it. I also am very thankful for Chris' parents. They came down and took the girls to the park and then to supper and got the girls all ready for bed for us. Our girls are so lucky to have 4 grandparents who cherish them and love spending time with them.

Tonight Aby had the opportunity to go to a sleepover with the same girls from above. So, I had Miss Mac all to myself. It was definitely a fun night. She wanted to watch a Tinkerbell movie and eat popcorn. So, we did that and I happen to look out the window and noticed it was raining. We both got really excited and went to the front porch to watch it. It rained and thundered for maybe 10-15 minutes, but it was very nice to sit and enjoy. Mac got out the umbrella and played in the rain. When it stopped and Mac was all cold and wet, we came inside to finish the movie. I definitely enjoyed my night with McKinley. And it also made me think about the fact that I'm not going to have many, if any, more nights where I get to hang out with just her. Aby will have lots more opportunities to spend the night places while pretty soon we will always have another sweet little girl hanging around too.

It's been a wonderful summer. It's hard to believe that this coming week we'll be going to Meet the Teacher Night for 1st grade, starting weekly dr. appointments, and anticipating the opening of the new children's rooms at church and using the brand new stage. I'm sure the next few posts will be mostly about the beginning of school and the birth of our third child, but for now I want to relish and take in every last moment of summer.

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