Sunday, August 14, 2011

Over the Rainbow

I love celebrating my kiddos birthday. This year McKinley started out wanting a PINK party, but then switched to a Rainbow party. Every birthday I pull out the Special Birthday Cupcake. I find a little trinket and hide it somewhere in the house.

Here it is hidden.

It didn't take her too long to find it!

I found the cutest rainbow necklace at the Childrens Place. It quickly became her hottest accessory.

My Sweet 3 year old.

This year Chris was in Colorado on Mac's actual birthday, so when he got home we pulled out her birthday present. She is very much into baby dolls. So, we got her a baby center. She LOVES it.

We had a small birthday party at my mom's house. We invited family and Mac's BFF, Addison. We had cake, pizza, and did a little swimming.

This cake was made by a very special friend of mine, and was super yummy!!! Thanks Stephanie, Mac LOVED it!!!

We had a wonderful time celebrating our sweet Lil Mac!!!

Happy 3rd Birthday

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