Friday, March 18, 2011

182 more days or 14 Weeks

I will be honest with you. This post will be difficult to write. Don't ask me why since I am extremely excited about this new little baby. I have always struggled with the changing of the body during my pregnancies. For whatever reason I have a really hard time with the fact that I HAVE to gain weight. This is one reason why I am not great at taking pregnancy pictures. My sister in law, Carrie, is awesome at this. She does the cool little card that states which week she is on and does a wonderful job keeping up with it. She now lives in San Angelo and hasn't seen all the "changes" up close yet until last weekend. So, she was giving me a hard time about taking a picture. I was thinking about it a lot and decided why not. This is my last child that I will carry. I'm going to document and share about the pregnancy a little more than I did the past two times. So maybe each time I post a picture or write something it'll get a little easier. =) Again, I want to reiterate how extremely excited I am about this baby. But again I'm excited about the baby, not the pregnancy =)

I am into my second trimester by one week. I'm on week 14. Lil' Pea is about the size of a lemon. It was around this time with Miss Mac that I felt her for the first time moving around. So, hopefully I'll feel this one pretty soon. I'm extremely lucky in the sense that I have not had any morning sickness with any of my kiddos. This time I've had a few food aversions, but that's about it. I can't get enough salt!!! Chris made salsa that other day and that was my only complaint. It needs more salt =) He just rolled his eyes. So, I secretly add some to my own bowl. I am also starting to feel more energetic. I'm really tired by bedtime, but during the day don't feel like I have to take a nap. Actually today it was in my plan to take a nap, and I don't think I could go to sleep even if I tried. So, that makes me very happy.

A few weeks ago I went to my doctor. We had a great visit and got to hear Lil' Peas heartbeat. It mostly sat right around 156. I LOVE hearing the heartbeat. We of course had already seen the heartbeat, but there is something wonderful about hearing it for the first time. It's like it is real once I hear it. We talked about options for making sure that this pregnancy goes full term. McKinley was actually just a few days short of being 37 weeks. So, it might be the case that with each one I'll add on a few more weeks. Or, there is the option of doing a weekly progesterone shot starting at 16 weeks. She said it may or may not prolong the pregnancy, but we could at least try it out. This is something still being pondered. At the appointment we set the time for our BIG ultrasound. We will get to find out what we are having on April 25th, the day after Easter. I can't wait!!! We are planning on making it a fun day with the girls, by having lunch together and finding out altogether. I think that the girls will really enjoy being able to see the baby on the tv.

I am already started to majorly show. Ok I feel huge =) You can make your own judgement from the picture. Just don't share your judgement with me ;) Just Kidding. The bad part is I can't wear my regular pants, but my maternity pants don't fit either. I did find some pants that have an adjustable waist. So, now I feel like my toddler when I have to loosen the button on the elastic. But I think that is a really neat invention on the makers of maternity clothes. These pants will be in my wardrobe for awhile. My friend, Lisa, thinks that I'm already carrying differently this time. But I think that's wishful thinking for a boy on her part. =) As for me, I'm good with either boy or girl. I obviously know lots about how to raise little girls, and we do have a lot of stuff for girls. But I know Chris would like to have that little boy. He obviously loves little girls and would be fine with that too.

Here we are hanging out at the school playground. Excuse the squinty eyes!!
Until next time!!


  1. You look GREAT!! So glad you are feeling energetic. And, NO FAIR that you haven't had morning sicknss (jk!)

  2. I think you look amazing. It's great to read what you have to say about body image and pregnancy -- I've struggled with body issues at EVERY stage of my life, but especially during (and right after) pregnancy. It's scary to have to watch our bodies go through so much change, but it's definitely cathartic to write (and read) about it.

  3. YAY!! I am So glad you listened to that "Carrie" person..whoever She is! hehe And- if this is huge, you must have thought I was MASSIVE! lol ;)

  4. Great to get all the updates on Lil Pea! And you look great. I admire your attitude to enjoy all aspects of this pregnancy knowing it will be your last even though parts of it are no fun!! Can't wait for April 25th, hoping that you guys can increase the testosterone over there!!

  5. You do look great....! It is just a miracle that our bodies can change like this.