Monday, September 13, 2010

Little Monkey's first day

Our little Monkey had her first day of "school" today. Last week we went and met her teacher. She had a ball playing with all the toys in the room. Aby loved showing her around her old school. I wasn't quite sure how today would go. Mac is very much needing to have her own time to play with friends away from me. So, I was hoping it would go smoothly. If not it was going to be difficult for me to leave her.
When she woke up this morning she was almost giddy. I thought it was funny how much Aby played up her going to "school". Mac kept walking around saying "Go skoo?" I had to tell her over and over it wasn't time to go.

Here is all her gear. She was very excited about her backpack when we were packing it up last night. She also really likes her princess lunchbox.
Little Monkey trying to walk out the door!

Had to get the first day of school picture on the porch. Look at that sweet sweet smile. =)

Ok! Ok!! Here's the REAL shot I got before the picture above.
Anyone walking by our house this morning would've thought she was DYING she was crying so hard. I am not really sure what the problem was. I am thinking that she was all dressed, bags were ready, and she wanted to leave, NOT take a picture. So, what do I do? Take her picture anyway. =) I know "Mother of the Year"! Needless to say she is not my camera happy child, and I have LOTS of pictures of her looking just like this. She will "love" it someday.
As soon as I told her we were leaving she quit crying.

Here she is running ahead of me. I am so glad she was still so excited.

Once we got to the classroom we located her tub with her name on it for her bags. She again had a melt down. I was getting pity looks from other parents. I wanted to say, "She's not sad about me leaving!! She's sad because she has to part with her bags!!" She then calmed down after I showed her her name on the tub and told her it was her own tub. We go inside with her nap mat and give it to the teacher. Again she gets upset because she thinks the teacher is taking her mat. Can you say possessive??

Finally I get her distracted with toys.
I hung around to get just a few snap shots.

Her teacher said she had a great day. She came home with two art projects and very sleepy. Apparently she didn't take a nap. And started crying when they told her to lay down =) All in all it was a good day for both Monkey and Mommy.


  1. How exciting! I'm so glad that she had a fun (although emotional!) first day.

  2. Yay, Mac!! Glad you both have a little alone time now!!