Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The "S" Word!

So, the "S" word is right around the corner, 18 days to be exact. However, in this house it is to remain nameless as long as possible. We have another "S" word we are still trying to enjoy, which is called SUMMER! 18 days is all we have left to enjoy our freedom. So, this morning my eye happened to catch my roses out the kitchen window. The Sun was hitting them so beautifully that I had to capture them in a picture. They aren't at their most beautiful right now with it being so hot, but there are still a few beauties.
I was racking my brain trying to figure out what we were going to do today. It gets harder and harder to keep these girls busy. And then it hit me!!! WHY do we have to do anything. Our time is very limited to not being on a schedule. We won't get to have lazy Summer mornings much longer, so why not SAVOR this morning.
Savor: to appreciate fully; enjoy or relish
I want to relish these last few days we have. Don't get me wrong, we are getting ready to embark on a very exciting time of firsts. And I am ready for the "S" word to start. BUT, there won't be mornings of rollerskating in the house, swimming and picnics at friends' houses, long and drawn out breakfasts, staying in pjs til noon, or tea parties. So, as I was outside savoring my roses my children followed me out and I captured these moments that made me appreciate our time together.
We have a bunch of these little guys hanging around our back patio. This one was sunbathing on our slide.

Never too big for a Flintstone car.

Playing cars and crashes

Our waterpark

Maverick had the best seat in the house. The Shade!!!
Such a smart boy.

Fully appreciating the joy of bubbles!

My Cinderella
(This couldn't have been more appropriate with the nightgown she is wearing)

My Monkey

I still can't get over how quickly the Summer flies by. In no time the next 18 days will whittle away to zero. I know that we keep our lives very busy between family committments, church commitments, friends, dance class, the "S" word and whatever else we find to fill our lives. My goal is to not take those for granted because they are just as precious, but to really hone in on these times when I can sit back and just Savor the moment.

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