Monday, August 23, 2010

The Newest Kindergartener on the Block.

Well, the "S" word has finally arrived. We went and met Mrs. Hale, Aby's teacher last week. Aby immediately felt at ease. She also has a few buddies in her class that she already knew, and she was overjoyed about that. The morning started off early, but very smooth. She was very impatient about leaving the house and wanted to be sure she was on time. But, I had to snag a few shots of her before we left the house.

Here we are trekking across the field. It definitely was a million times hotter in the afternoon than morning.

McKinley had a blast. She walked into this place like she owned it.

She's a part of Mrs. Hale's Herd!

Here Mrs. Hale is "branding" Aby with her name tag.

Excited about getting to do a color page. One of her favorite past times!! This was Momma's cue to leave. Aby was making this way too easy! I however needed some fresh air.

I was really proud of myself. I waiting until we got to the back of the building before I started crying. I don't even know why I did. I wasn't sad. I guess I was proud of her. I was really nervous that she was going to have a hard time with us leaving. And she embraced her new adventure with such enthusiasm. I hope this is always the case for her.
Aby came home talking a million miles a minute. I learned so much about her whirlwind of a day. She told me all about her friends, but couldn't remember any of their names. She really enjoyed P.E., and told me rather emphatically that she is buying her lunch from the cafeteria because she gets to use a cool tray. She enjoyed rest time because they didn't have to sleep and could read books. I think it was a successful day for her. She is more than ready to go back.
She came home with green on her folder. Green is the best, but Blue means you were exceptionally good. She was very disappointed she wasn't on Blue, but then said she would work her way up! =) She is such a hoot.

Here is her first teacher's note.

And her first Kindergarten work of art.


  1. I was trying to figure out why I was crying too! I guess it's more just trying to accept the Growing's good and it's terribly sad, all in one. I'm so glad that Aby likes her class! I wonder if she and Elijah will end up being friends, or if they'll continue with their moderately love/hate relationship? Either way, I know that he's really glad to have people that he knows in his classroom. It makes the adjustment so much simpler!

  2. Love the blog! So glad he enjoyed her first day. I already get teary just thinking about walking Emma into preschool next week :(