Thursday, December 16, 2010

Portrait of a Family

For Mother's Day I asked my Dear Husband for family pictures. So last month we finally had free time to get them done. Chris has a friend (Scott Wade) who is a FANTASTIC photographer. We met him in Austin at this really neat nature park (with free roaming peacocks) and he worked his magic. We started off with the girls in this planter of overgrown flowers. Mac was up first and loved picking the flowers one by one. She pretty much ignored Scott and the camera. Aby took a little longer to warm up. Once she got in there and showed McKinley where the good flowers were her natural "hamminess" shined. My most favorite pictures are the ones that are candid. I love how Scott captured the girls flair and personalities.

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  1. Becca Jane! I love them! Scott is talented ... but it sure does help that he's got such good subjects!